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Just do it

It should start your day
It should end your day
Greet everyone you know with it
Greet everyone you don't know with it
Greet your enemy with it
Greet Your best friend with it
Greet your lover with it
Greet your ex-lover with it
Let it light up your heart
And light up the hearts of others
Love flows to it and I love flows from it
A Smile is a simple gesture with intense meaning
A smile can make your day and the day of another
Smile when you're happy and smile when you're sad
Smile when you're depressed and smile when you're feeling joy
Smile when you have the blues and smile when you’re  in ecstasy
Smile when you want your soul to connect to the  Divine
Let smiles change your thoughts from negative to positive
How about just smiling all the time