Down deep within our hearts, there lies a dream within each of us. Something either developed over our lifetime, or something now presenting itself. It is there, if we take some quiet time to get in touch with it.

For those who know their dream, but keep putting it on a back burner...setting it aside, because something more immediate is demanding their attention, to those I address these words.

A dream is an embryonic gift. It develops within our minds and hearts and begins taking form. And, as an embryo develops into a fetus, and then into a some point this gift needs to be birthed into the world. This "Baby" then needs to be nourished and given loving attention, as surely as any living child.

Our "Baby" is our gift we have come to share with the world. Whether it be a piece of art, a book, or an idea whose time has come--whether it be a one time offering, or a company that grows and evolves, the gift we each have to offer is unique. And this gift that is ours alone, will keep stirring within us for acknowledgment, until we set it free.

My youngest son, Steven, who is involved in his family, building his own home, and running his own business, plus numerous volunteer commitments, confided to me that he has a book inside him, that won't let him be. After speaking with him, he committed to a once a week, for several hours "appointment" that he scheduled with himself to work on this "baby" of his. And, with that commitment, the nagging feeling is subsiding and the book is coming together very nicely.

A popular quote says, "Don't die with your music still inside you."

We take it for granted that if we don't make time today for those dreams that tug at us, then we will just do them "later". With friends and family who have passed of late, it keeps drawing to my attention that NOW is the only time we can be sure of.

So, don't fill your day with the non-essentials. If you have people you love, spend time with them and tell them you love them. If you want to learn to express yourself through painting, pottery or writing...take a class, find a teacher. And, if you want to work on your spiritual development,'s all spirit, there isn't anything else.

So, pay attention to what is flowing in your life. What doors are opening to you into what areas of life? Where does your heart pull you? If you have choices to make for a new job, location, or close attention to how your heart and body feel when you are around these people, places and situations--when is your heart constricted and when is it open and relaxed.

You have an incredible tool built right into your own body to help you with each of life's choices. Your body and heart already knows what you need. All you have to do is Pay Attention. You will be led to the right job...the right move...the right people to fulfill your life contract--to deliver the gift you carry within you...the gift that only you can share.

Joann Turner