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Horoscopes May/June 2015

May and June Horoscopes 2015

Aries May - You may have spent the last few months thinking about life and it’s purpose. All this thinking has brought things into a new light for you. This month you have a clearer idea of what you would like to spend your extra time doing. Now is the time to put things in motion and get things done.

Aries June - This month is all about balance for you. You may find that you have some big decisions to make and it will be important to understand just how you feel about things. There is no one person who can completely understand your process except for yourself. Find ways to balance the highs and lows of this month.

Taurus May - Some people believe there is no time like the present to stand and face the things you have tried so hard to ignore. Even though this is daunting and may have you feeling a bit stuck, once you have dealt with things a bit you are sure to feel lighthearted once more. Keep focused on moving things forward in your life.

Taurus June - You will need to set some time aside for yourself to just be. Your energy and drive is really strong this month but you will be starting a new cycle in the mental arena. Some time our minds need time to settle a bit. Mediation, writing and physical activity may help.

Gemini May - There are some major changes happening for you this month. These changes will be both in the physical world as well as the spiritual and mental worlds. It is almost like you have come out of the darkness to finally bloom once again. You feel passionate about life again as well as those you love.

Gemini June - There is a bunch of good stuff coming your way. The problem is you feel as if you do not deserve such success. You need to get rid of self defeating thoughts and be prepared for more success flowing your way. New growth in finances.

Cancer May - Sometimes we all need to reminded that we can not always have things our way. This lesson can be as painful as you make it. The rebel in you wants to cut away anything that blocks you. The problem is you may not have the right tools to do just that. Watch that you do not exhaust yourself trying. Lighten up and go with the flow.

Cancer June - You may feel as if you have to put on the political face to deal with others this month. Even though this may be true it really more about you finding balance and happiness within you. Rather than reaching for outside stimulation or approval seek your own light.

Leo May - There are may thoughts and ideas swimming in your head this month. Take the time to see what they are and how you can birth them into reality. This is an intuitive month for you so pay attention to gut instincts. Watch that you are not side tracked. It would be a shame to waste such good energy.

Leo June - You are wanting to take action this month. Physical projects help us to see our effects come to life in this world. Take your ideas from last month and make a list of all the things you are able to get done. Embark on some creative projects as well. Who knows maybe you will finally write that book.

Virgo May - Your mind is out of control this month. So many thoughts and so many choices it makes it really difficult to think straight. It would benefit you to seek ways to deal with a run away mind. Until you can find ways to have clarity you will stay confused and will be easily swayed by others.

Virgo June - Things will move you to where you are supposed to be in life this month. Sometimes this method can be a bit abrupt and painful. It is time you learn to focus on the positive and make plans for your future instead of wallow in the past.

Libra May - This month is about clearing away things that no longer serve you. By decluttering yourself, your life, and your mind you will be able to have a clearer sense of things. This is the month for you to bring in more discipline into your life and truly be the creator of your world.

Libra June - Highs and lows… learn to ride the waves of life will serve you well. Nothing is perfect in this world and learning to see the bliss in the middle of the road will greatly save you from the anxiety and depression of ups and downs. 

Scorpio May - You are in the state of rebirth. Of course Scorpios are always rebirthing and recreating that is your purpose. Your mind is sharp and clear and you will not settle for second best in anything this month. Others may be inspired by your resurrection.

Scorpio June - There is a new beginning happening for you this month. As you continue to rise you are able to put things in motion easily and create the world you truly want. You have found liberation from things that have held you down or held you back.

Sagittarius May - You are feeling a bit suborn with those you love. Maybe this month you should focus on love rather than power. Often we over look what love really is. You may want to spend some time doing some sort of healing practices as well, you will find the peace you seek.

Sagittarius June - This month has you feeling dreamy. Things come easy to you as well. You may find you are able to get some long terms projects completed and that will have you feeling very free. If you have been waiting for things to start up this might just be that month.

Capricorn May - You are feeling good in general, things seem to be plugging along the way you want them to. Because of this you are able to relax a bit and look for more meaning in your life. Generally this is good because it allows you to appreciate the smaller things.

Capricorn June - This month you will have to make some choices you might not want to make. Anything that requires any type of partnership might be up for review all at once. The best advise I have is to take time to know how you feel and why you feel it. You really can not avoid what is right in front of you any more.

Aquarius May - This month has some highs and lows for you to deal with. Sometimes it is important to understand our lows are often caused by a drain on our energy. Take some time to see how you spend your energy and if you can make some changes in your life to feel stronger more often. The end of the month is looking pretty good.

Aquarius June - Your mind can go like a wild tornado. Pay attention to your thoughts… sometimes random thinking is just that, while other times you may see a pattern to your thoughts and emotions. You may come into some extra funds this month as well.

Pieces May - If things have felt a bit heavy lately maybe it is time to sit down and look at the emotional load you have been holding on to. Then ask yourself if the emotional baggage serves you or not. If not find healthy ways to let it go. Once you are able to life the rock off your back things will feel light once again.

Pisces June - Everything is about balance for you this month. It will be vital that you only give your energy to things that really matter. You must take the good with the bad and seek the middle of the road. Don't fret you are much stronger than you give yourself credit for things will be just fine.