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October 10-12, 2014

Anita Burns and Marisa Ryan present THE 2014 PURIFICATION and RENEWAL RETREAT in the beautiful and magical Joshua Tree, California.


This year, we are beyond excited to offer a traditional Lakota Sweat Lodge as the pillar of the retreat. However, if you don't wish to participate in the actual sweat, you can be a part of the ceremony in an important way without actually going inside the lodge—and still benefit from the complete ceremony.

The theme: Purificaiton and Renewal. From the opening Meditation to the Closing Integration, you are immersed in the ancient tradition of Native America and the Ceremonial Path.

In support of the sweat lodge, you will create your own rainstick - banish negativity and old programming in your life - connect with your animal spirit totem - participate in a peace pipe ceremony - and more.

Expect to have the best experience you've ever had in your life!

Authentic Native American Sweat Lodge Ceremony will be led by David Warren GoodKnife.

With over twenty years of pracice in the Ceremonial Realm, he is a Veteran Sun Dancer and Fire Chief. David brings the teaching and visions he has received at the Big Mountain Sundance and from Lakota Elders. He has conducted over 400 sweat lodges.

His commitment to the ceremonial path goes beyond dedication and is reflected in the detail he brings to the ceremony.

The ceremonial understand gifts he will be sharing with you  have been passed down from generation to generation.

“David’s ability to translate the ancient wisdom and ceremonies of the Lakota people into the modern western world is a gift that few people possess.”     Steve Moore MFT

“The most striking attributes are his humility, dedication, sincerity and ability to motivate others to seek a higher consciousness”.    Sharon Manuelito, LMSW, Dine’

NOTE: Participating in the actual sweat is an optional activity and carries a $50 donation (payable at the time of registration). If you want to participate in the ceremony and the "Stew" afterward without actually going into the sweat, there is no donation required. Reservations for the actual sweat are required.

For Registration and  Details or call Anita: 951-738-8802 or Marisa Ryan: 951-371-0606