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Fair trade industry is making strong inroads into the fight against child labor and employee abuse through selling only goods from socially and environmentally responsible manufacturers concerned with employee safety and fair pay.

Fair Trade Federation

Micro-Lending--is a wave of investing that is helping turn lives around. Small loans are given to start up or expand small business.

A single mother working in a Guatemalan sweat shop applied for a loan to buy her own sewing machine to become self-sufficient and support herself and her family.

After exposure to asbestos, South African mine worker Nicodemus, decided to trade on his building skills and applied for a loan to begin his own construction business. He was able to hire workers and obtained a government contract to build houses.

Micro-Lending is being seen as an excellent investment opportunity in that it is helping people to have better lives, and also, people are so empowered by these loans, that they are quick to repay them!

For more opportunities for such investing, visit: www.coopamerica/go/communityinvest (no web ending needed)

What Your Shopping Supports
The Responsible Shopper lists 130+ big name companies, showing both what they have been criticized for and what they have been praised for. Some pretty incredible information here!!!