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Expanding Your Hologram with the Elohim

Written by  Wynn Free

wynn FreeI am honored that Anita has invited me to write a column for The Messenger. Some of you may be familiar with my work as a poet and songwriter.


Some of you may be familiar with my work as the author of the book tying David Wilcock to Edgar Cayce - The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce? And some of you may have read my columns in the Messenger a few years ago. 

For the past 8 years, I have undergone a rather unusual experience in the physical realm.

I have been in communications with a Source that has identified itself as a Group Soul that created the physical universe (the Council of Elohim) and have had the opportunity to ask thousands of questions concerning how a human can best relate to the Shift that is in process on Planet Earth. When these communications with this Elohim Source began, I did not immediately understand how others would benefit. It took a great deal of trial and error on my part to figure it out. 


I decided that observing the responses of others was the best indicator of whether I was making a contribution or not. How could my experience with this Group Soul be of benefit to someone? After a great deal of experimentation and trial and error, I began to get emails from people who were having some kind of transformation as a result of paying attention to something I put forth. For example:


From someone who attended a live workshop at the Conscious Life Expo: “I can honestly say I have never in my life felt that kind of energy, love, compassion, and wisdom, flowing so freely in one place before.”


From someone listening to the replays of my conference calls:”I wanted to let you know that I've been listening in on the replay calls.  I find that my entire waking experience is being uplifted. I feel better and I am clearer in my mind and spirit. I am harmonizing with those things in my waking experience that are good for me, and I appreciate it. Thanks for doing what you are doing!”


I share these, not to toot my own horn, but to give some validation to the possibility that the Elohim can actually project love/light energy from their realm into ours. It’s not me causing these kinds of responses. 


There's something "they" call the Law of One - the entire universe is one being or one energy, and one of the consequences of taking a body on Earth involves temporarily separating oneself from that oneness and undergoing earthbound amnesia and a compression of one’s energy field/hologram. Poets and spiritual teachers, throughout the ages, have proclaimed the idea of "oneness", but each of us, on a spiritual path, is individually challenged to convert that into a personal, ongoing experience. 


I've learned we are all connected to an energy field or hologram, which is changing all the time. Every time you think a thought, say a word, move your body, create an intention, or just hang out with another person, your energy field is transforming, either expanding or contracting. We are picking up energies and processing everything around us 24/7. 


When I first began these communications with the voice that identified itself as the Elohim, I was mainly focused on getting information. I asked thousands of questions, recording each session. The format in which the information was delivered was via two consecutive personal relationships that would channel. It felt like a science fiction movie as my friend would spontaneously announce, "those guys want to talk to you again." Quite frankly, my physics major logical brain had no way of proving to myself that they were who they said they were. But I resolved to just ask questions and see what transpired. 


During the first six months (beginning in May of 2002) there were some incredible phenomena around my dialogs. At the very beginning, I asked them if they could predict a newspaper headline in advance, and they successfully did so. A few months later my sister was cured of a incurable disease, after I asked for their help. When I asked them how they did it, they said they projected an energy filter into her blood and removed the lupus. That certainly got my attention. 


Then in 2004, I gave my first public talk on my newly released book, The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce?  I could see energy around the audience as I spoke. When people came out of the room, they lined up to purchase books. They were exclaiming,  "I could see auras in the room. I never had that experience." or "I never experienced so much energy in a room." When I asked about this in a channeling, they said "It was us. We were helping."  


My mind was now completely blowing. The testimonials above were from people who experienced this energy. This was a dramatic new take on the possibilities of communication with this Elohim Source. Not only were they able to provide great verbal information, wisdom and understanding. They were able to project, what they call, love/light energy into a physical space that some of those present could actually sense and I was creating an environment where this could take place. There was an incredible feeling of love in the rooms where I would speak and sometimes a healing would occur. 


I said earlier that each of us is connected to an energy field, which is constantly changing. When one energetically connects with the Elohim Source, there are many potential benefits. In addition to all the earthbound energies we are accustomed to, we are making contact with a celestial Source energy at the beginning of creation. In the context of the Law of One, we are one with the Elohim. We're the descended part of them and they are the ascended part of us. Making the connection breaks us through the earth veils that keep us in a state of contraction.  As we become familiar with the energy of the connection, it will catalyze a lot of personal healing and transformation, as our energy fields get cleansed. The experience of, what Christians call grace, is directly related with the experience of this connection with the Elohim. There's a Buddhist concept called "getting off the wheel of reincarnation". When you leave this realm, you become obligated to reincarnate because your hologram is still connected with earthbound energies. When you learn to connect with the energies of a high celestial Source, I believe your after death choices have far more options. 


There are many highly intended spiritual groups that can bring in this same Elohim energy. They may have another name for it, but the Elohim is not choosy. They read the purity of intent, rather than the right name. It's not necessary to have verbal channeled messages in order to make the connection. In my case, "they" say that it's quite unusual for someone to facilitate bringing in both verbal messages and love/light energies. Over the course of these columns, I will be sharing some of their messages with opportunities to experience their energy. Some of you will be able to feel the energy just by reading the messages. Thanks for paying attention.


About Wynn Free:  Wynn is the principal author of The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce? (www.returnofedgar.com) He is a regular speaker at the Conscious Life Expo (and many other venues) and has been a guest on numerous radio shows including George Norry/Coast to Coast. You can download a free copy of his new book - The Creator Gods of the Physical Universe Want to Talk to You, at www.creatorgodbook.com.

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