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How To Dialogue with Your Angels - Jeremiel “Mercy of God”

Written by  Desiree Szabo

DesireeSzaboThe Angel of Emotional Healing

Jeremiel is one of the seven core archangels.  He is known as a wonderful angel to summon when you are on a quest for inspiration in your life.  He is there by your side to manifest your heart’s desires, creating your best future, need of healing and making better life choices. Understanding prophetic information, interpretating your dreams, and life reviews 

Call upon archangel Jeremiel to guide you with clarity and resolution

Life review

Take inventory of your life and resolve to change or heal anything that is unbalanced.  He helps in newly crossed Souls to review their lives before they ascend to heaven.  


Overcoming difficulties


The worst is now behind you, and you are surmounting any previous challenges.  Jeremiel can be of assistance as you take inventory of your actions and adjust your future.


All is well


Everything is happening exactly as it is supposed to with, hidden blessings you will soon understand. Jeremiel is always available and willing to help you find patience, peace and calmness.  He is a mentor who teaches how to see others, and us through the eyes of love.



Life purpose spread with archangel Jeremiel:


What is my life purpose?

What step should i take in my career?

Is this new business a good idea?


What did you learn in the past?

What are you currently learning?

What steps to take right now?

How can you best help others?

Your life purpose?


Call upon Jeremiel to clear and remove blocks when you have trouble with your vision.


Use affirmations to transform negative thoughts into positive thoughts.  Examples are “ I cannot see anything when i am meditating” to  “I clearly see images, symbols, and visions and I understand what the visions mean." Angel words are very powerful in a loving way and will manifest your dreams.


Preparation to connect with Archangel Jeremiel.


Tools: altar, purple candle, statue of Jeremiel, or a picture, anointing oil, burning incense, and an amethyst.


Here is a prayer to archangel Jeremiel


Dear archangel Jeremiel, you are known for being a visionary. I desire the same qualities, and want to be a visionary too.  Help me receive clear guidance through my dreams and gift me with the ability to interpret their meaning, of awareness and divine guidance. Help me for highest good and for the highest good in all.  I am willing to receive information about the future to help my self and others. Please allow myself to heal and review all aspects of my life.  Thank you, Jeremiel, for opening up my third eye to see, and bestowing this visionary gift upon me.


Exercise:  decide what do you want.


Progress forward in linear time with archangel Jeremiel.

Have a visual picture of what you desire.

Imagine your desired outcome right now.



Don’t stress about it. Too strong emotions.  Align your heart and head. Don’t keep asking.  Have peace regarding your manifestation and expect it to happen. No worries. See your future. Have faith, gratitude and expect repeatedly, that

It will happen.  Be sure you have released your intention fully.  If you get stuck go back to reviewing your seven chakras and how you are relating to each one regarding your life review as well, as what you see in the future for your divine plan.  Breathe through each chakra until you feel that archangel Jeremiel presence has invoked you.


With gratitude thank Jeremiel for being by your side.


Birthday wishes


Kenny, my new found friend was directed for guidance, regarding his upcoming fifty-first birthday.  He poured out to me, in a melancholy, wistful voice how twenty years had just passed and flown by. He had been sharing information regarding ira’s and 401 k plans to his nephew who had just acquired a well paid position.  


His nephew scoffed at his suggestions because he was living in the moment, not realizing that he will need to make plans for his immediate future. Kenny felt that his wisdom and knowledge would be beneficial to his nephew.  Archangiel Jeremiel is here to help kenny ponder a life review, what his past is, where his is now, and where he is going.  


Did kenny make the right decisions and is he comfortable with his life journey and where it is taking him? I suggested, this is a time of reflection, inner work, and forgiveness.  Archangel Jeremiel may surprise him and show him through his visions, and his dreams, a spiritual prophecy of a new tomorrow.


I often wonder are we here on this earth plane to learn, teach, and heal. Did we measure up to our soul contract? Our outer appearances may age, does our soul age as well is the question.


Can we stay young at heart, like how we came into this world at the beginning, innocent, all encompassing with love, and no imprints to mark us.  


So let us contemplate through the month of october a life review, asking archangel Jeremiel, are we still on point with our destination, no matter how short or long are goals are.


Lets go within for some serious inner work to address our life purpose, why we were called to be here in the first place.  You may be amazed at what Jeremiel may direct you to do next.  


Visions, clairvoyance and dreams


Awaken the inner child who longs to dream, to play and fly with the fairies and elementals, swim with the mermaids and the dolphins and make magic. Awaken those long ago dreams and visions that you set out to do so long ago.  The message that the world still longs to hear that we can still create faith, hope and love.


Employ in our creations, believing in magic that our thoughts and visions can manifest into our reality, if only we believe and take the steps to implement the creations that lie within all of us.


Archangel Jeremiel


Meaning of the name: “mercy of god”

Specialty: conducting a life review so you can make adjustments with respect on how you want to live, prophecy, vision, dreams, souls who crossed over

Halo auro colors: dark purple, violet

Related crystals: amethyst

Astrological sign: scorpio, the truth teller, who goes in shadows comfortably

Works with: healing emotions

Dedicated to:  claiirvoyance, developing spiritual and understanding spiritual vision

Best time: just before retiring to sleep as well as when you wake up in the morning, notebook and pen by your bedside to record your dreams when you wake up


Written by desiree szabo


Desiree can be reached for angelic counseling at adored angel (818) 200 7431

Email her requests at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Website: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.





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