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Archetype Angels

Written by  Desiree Szabo

DesireeSzaboHave you ever though about the sacred agreements that you make before you’re born to learn certain life lessons and why certain people come into your life.  You have on the other side a support system of Archetype Angels that are your guardians and intimate companions.  They are here to help you on earth to fulfill your sacred contract.  These angelic angels are not floating around in the cosmos.  They are your inner allies.  They stand guard and protect you if you are in danger or have fallen into destructive behavior.

Your personality, feelings, beliefs, motivations, and desires, are called collective consciousness.  Every one of us has a second psychic system that is identical in all individuals.  These Archetype Angels can be called upon for their individual roles that they were created for. They are here to help you out in universal events or life threatening monumental situations; examples are a new beginning, birth of a child or forgiveness between two people.  By nature, the number of Archetype Angels in the cosmos is infinite. They know when and how many to show up and help you. They are always on time for spiritual empowerment and enhancing your sacred contract. 

The Archetype Angels have a light and shadow attribute.  You know within yourself whether it is your ego talking or is it higher consciousness.  An example would be to call in the archetype queen angel.  You need help for taking charge in situations, delegate authority, and assert your power.  It would behoove you not to call in this archetype queen angel to make unreasonable demands, be critical, or patronizing. 

Their light energy is pure, light, and loving.  The Archetype Angels are here for nurturing you physically, embracing your sensitive heart and soul emotionally, and giving you a voice for knowledge, mentally.

Archetype Angels are very powerful because they speak to your body and mind in the form of dreams, visions, stories, art, music, metaphors, and myths.  Archetype Angels teach that what is invisible is much more holy and sacred than what is visible to the eye.

They are here to wake up you up.  Archetype Angels are your new social media.  They are derived from symbols and drawings from the past.  When we were young, we identified with them as our super hero’s and heroines. As intuitive, we unconsciously live our lives guided by our Archetype Angels. They scan someone’s behavior knowingly and give us free choice whether to act upon it or not. If it feels warm, loving and huggable, then it is a sure sign that the energy of the individual is good.  If it feels cold, withdrawn, and something does not feel right, it is up to you to call in your Archetype Angel for help to get rid of the person, situation or place.

How Archetype Angels work:  There is a invisible thread that links ones mind as a bridge between your own awareness and the collective awareness of the global human family, which connects to the Angelic Realm.  They are there for your life journey, universal lesson, defining grace, inner shadow, and a life style challenge.

Archetype Angel Imagery:  Roots are where all people share a meaningful purpose and understanding.  The branches are people’s cultural, personal beliefs, and values.  People around the world, draw out and share similarities of meaning and value. when given a much larger context in which to describe experiences.  The Archetype Angels are the messengers between you and the Divine, as well as the global world. 

Create Sacred Space:  Internal contemplation, prayer: asking the Archetype Angels for an opening to the Divine, meditation: listening from the Archetype Angels for guidance from the Divine. Tools: candles, soft soothing music, incense, crystals, Archetype Angel oracle cards.  Your mood, intention, and the overall setting will enable you to access to the information that you are seeking.  Ask the Archetype Angels questions like who is your Archetype Angel, why are they here to help you, their name, what is their sacred contract to you as well as gratitude for their help.

Pay Attention:  As you become more fluent in Angel Archetypes, deeper meanings and an understanding to their language will put you in direct dialogue with God.

Archetype Angel Oracle Cards can bring together the visual power of archetypal imagery. You bring your personality, personal beliefs, and values to the experience.

Example of an Archetype Angel:  Raphael “Healer”
Definition: Wounded Healer, Caregiver, Nurse, Therapist, Counselor, Analyst, Intuitive Healer.

Manifestation:  To serve others by repairing body, mind, and spirit.

This Archetypal Angel has inherent strengths and abilities to assist people in transforming their path into a healing process and to channel the energy needed to generate physical and mental changes, as well as global healing.

Look beyond the obvious definition of what you do professionally, to a continual pattern to heal others.  You will be pushed to a process of transformation. Once you passed the test of initiation, voila, you will experience exceptional healing and a path of service is divinely supported.

As I took my assignment last week on The Masters of Sex as a Stand In for Kids, the new Showtime TV show on the story of Masters and Johnson, I noticed a fellow background actor.  We exchanged pleasantries regarding how visitation had been that morning. We make the rounds twice a month to Central Casting to visit the casting directors, update our photos and find out what is the latest news regarding our industry.
She was so thrilled to be in a nurse’s outfit from the late fifties/early sixties.  She asked me to take a picture of her for her hubby and to show it on Face book.  I asked her how she was doing.  Her hands trembled a bit and her she became teary eyed. She mentioned that her hubby’s cancer had spread.   She told me that he helped her get a new car and that she was going to be a background artist in a feature in the next week or so.  She was so excited.  I asked her if she needed prayer and she said yes.  I told her that the Archetype Angel Raphael was around her applauding her for the work as a nurse as a background artist as well as a nurse for her hubby.  The Archetype Angel told me to give her the message not to worry and was whispering that she was taken care of regarding her background work assignment. I prayed for her to have faith and over all strength. 

I knew we were meant to work together that day, because I told her that everything was going to be okay.  She kept on holding my hand and would not let go. All she kept doing was thanking me over and over.  I was so in awe of my gifts that I knew right then and there, that being on that set, that day was my calling, to help when needed, even if it only meant an encouraging word of prayer.   I let her know that the time she had with her hubby was precious and to cherish the time that she had with him.  I explained my calling, as an earth angel is to just pass on the message.

The Archetype Angel Raphael would do his part.  All she needed to understand was not to figure out the why of the situation or how the event would turn out. The angelic realm only wanted in return acknowledgement with a gracious thank you would be sufficed. I kept on telling to just thank her angels.

I let her know that Grace/the Divine is in every one of us.  All you need to do is look in the mirror and gaze into your eyes, for that is where the soul of the Divine lies within you.  I asked her to call in her Archetype Angel Grace whenever she needed to hear the Divine in herself.  I feel that both the Archetype Angel Raphael and Archetype Angel Grace will give her the ability to fulfill her sacred contract.

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