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    Aries November - This is a time of great creativity as well as new opportunities. You are more than ready for things to be more fluid in your day to day life. Make sure that you take the time to write down all your ideas.…

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  • Your Tarot Guide for November-December 2014
    November-December 2014 Tarot Forecast and Learning Moment Aries Nov: 7 of Swords. You might be wondering if you have enough knowledge, skill, or preparedness to proceed with a goal or a project. The 7 of Swords says that you do.…

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Sunday, 27 November 2011 17:20

Is Craniosacral Therapy For You?

You may have never heard of Craniosacral Therapy, or maybe you’ve heard about it and are wondering what it is, or why you’d want to experience it. You might be surprised to learn that this modality has some unique and valuable ways of addressing the body/mind/spirit that can bring about lasting changes for those who experience it.

Craniosacral Therapy is a modality with roots in Osteopathy, a uniquely American form of Alternative Medicine. Craniosacral Therapy uses light-touch techniques to correct and balance the fluid and membrane system that surrounds and protects our body’s central nervous system. This fluid and membrane system is your body’s craniosacral system.

Published in Health Practices
Tuesday, 15 November 2011 10:32

Death on a Fork and How to Avoid it

death-on-a-fork-and-how-to-avoid-itPublisher's Description: Food allergy and intolerance is a massively important subject that can affect every one of us. Now that we all realise that we have a responsibility for our own health, it’s vital to learn simple ways that we can use to help ourselves, and increasingly people ask doctors how they can help themselves. Discovering and doing something about our food intolerances is a very positive thing we can do.

Gwynne Davies has done us all a great service, by painstaking observation, by development of a system of diagnosis and cure, and by helping thousands of people. Even better, he has chosen to share his findings with us, to help more of us to understand how we can be helped – and how we can help ourselves.

Published in Health and Healing
Friday, 11 November 2011 17:07

Medical Freedom - Herbs or Drugs?

I want to start out by first stating that I am not anti-modern medicine. I have great faith in our modern medical system for most things. If I were to break a bone, or require emergency surgery, I wouldn’t want to stick strictly to herbal medicine. I believe that both systems have a right and good place in healing.

For centuries Europeans and Asians viewed disease as a dysfunction of the whole body, or a whole system. Cures were aimed at bringing the body back into balance so that it could heal itself. 

Although traditional thought on disease also included superstition, ignorance of anatomy, and in some places unhealthy beliefs about hygiene, much that was useful about medicine was known and practiced.

In both East and West, disease was often cured with plants that were either proven or intuited to have an effect on a particular system in the body that was injured or unbalanced. In Europe, the “Five Humors” theory was developed. In the near east, the “Three Dosha Ayurvedic” system was the basis of medicine. In the Far East, the “Five Elements” theory was practiced. 

Published in Food for Health
Tuesday, 01 November 2011 13:42

Vitamin Scare! Video


Mike Adams - Naturalnews.tv

Courtesy of InfoWars Nightly News (www.InfoWarsNews.com), Mike Adams interviews Dr. David Brownstein about the juvenile media hoax to try to scare people into avoiding vitamins. Dr. Brownstein tears about the ridiculous conclusions from this quack science study.

Published in Videos
Wednesday, 28 September 2011 14:27

Homeopathy and Personality

Who is the most important person in the world? Just use your imagination and think. Who is it? I’ll give you a hint. It is not the wealthiest, not the most influential and not the most important person in the world today.

Give up?

The most important person in the world today is defined by the letter “I”. The verb “to be” means to exist and take up space on the planet. The first person singular form of the verb “to be” is “I am”. “I am” defines that I exist.  The word “I” defines the most important person in the world today.

Every individual person reacts to his environment as the most important person within that environment.

Published in Homeopathy
Wednesday, 28 September 2011 09:23

Blueberry Scam - Faked in Foods

Editor's Note: Here is the transcipt of an important video. We are being bamboozled again by "food" companies. Since Blueberries have been declared a Super Food, of course, fake food manufactures are scrambling to make us think we are eating them when in fact it is actually a potentially harmful fake.

Mike Adams published his video in naturalnews.tv in January of 2011. I think it is important enough to repeat here. Look at the video in the Video Section of T Messenger.

Blueberry Scam

Pictures of blueberries are prominently displayed on the front of many food packages. Here they are on boxes of muffins, cereals and breads. But turn the packages around, and suddenly the blueberries disappear. They're gone, replaced in the ingredients list with sugars, oils and artificial colors derived from petrochemicals.

Published in Food for Health

on-bicycles-50-waysPublisher’s Description:  In On Bicycles (Amy Walker) gathers a wide-raging group of cycling writers to explore the ways that biking can change, and is changing people’s lives.  From utility bikes that are becoming the primary mode of transportation for entire families, to the artistic creation of freakbike riders, On Bicycle's has something for everyone who has ever ridden a bike.

Reviewer's Notes, David Lintner:  You might wonder why I’m reviewing a book about bicycles and bikers on the Messenger site, which is devoted to things spiritual and metaphysical. I’m sure I could stretch my imagination and find some contrived link, but one doesn’t come readily to mind. Maybe I should have read CREATIVE THINKERING first. In any event, Anita asked me to give it a shot, and here goes.

Published in Self Development
Wednesday, 17 August 2011 18:35

Garden of Eatin'

Allen-by-kiwi-may-2011Garden of Eaten' by Allen Burns

Music by Allen Burns, from Dancing to the Edge of the Universe

Editor's Note: With the price of organic produce sky high and no guarantee that it will be fresh, we decided to turn our yards into an edible landscape. Our yard is large by today's standards, but most of it is on a steep hill. It had been neglected for years and overgrown with weeds, bushes, morning glories and blackberry brambles. Wtih a lot of sweat and Allen's creative genius we have an AMAZING garden of fruit trees, vegetables in raised beds. We have raspberries, blackberries, strawberries, blueberries, and so much more. Our corn this year is eilght feet tall. I can't even list everything Allen has been able to grow. We have a veritable produce market in our back and front yards.

Published in Videos
Thursday, 04 August 2011 11:25

How Potency is Chosen in Homeopathy

Most homeopathic practitioners choose the potency of a remedy according to the tradition of the school under which they studied. If the educational experience was with the British school of thought, then 6x is the usually potency of choice. If the Indian Subcontinent tradition is the source of one’s homeopathic education, 30th potencies are the mainstay. And if the French were a big influence, the highest potencies, the 1,000th and 10,000thare usually favored.

Since all of these potencies are available in health food stores in California and throughout the world, it would seem logical that all the potencies could be useful at some time or another—yet many people are confused about which potency is best for their particular problem.

Published in Homeopathy

Six Kinds of Stress -- and How to Reduce Them Naturally

Adapted from their new book, "Fit Soul, Fit Body" 

The common denominator in reducing stress, regardless of which type it is, is a balanced workout program. Moderate exercise, such as walking, is the key to overcoming the negativity and fatigue that so often accompany every type of stress. Here are the six kinds of stress and some additional prescriptions for reducing each of them. 

Published in Emotional Health
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