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  • July Astrology Forecast by Danielle
      July Horoscopes 2014 by Danielle  July Horoscopes 2014 Aries - There is much to ponder this month. Even though taking some personal time to be reflective on life is extremely important, it is just as important to make sure you are not stuck in…

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  • Your Tarot Guide for July 2014
    July 2014 Tarot Guide and Article: Playing the Fool, Tarot and Qabala Aries: Knight of Cups. This is not the time to rush into anything. Take your time and make sure you feel right about what you're doing. Follow your…

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Thursday, 09 March 2006 16:11

Parent Talk: You're A Car!

kid-your-a-car...you can control how you talk to yourself, regarding what others say to you.

Matt, age six, came into the house crying hysterically. Tears flowed down his cheeks and he couldn't catch his breath. I put him on my lap and held him close. His breathing slowed as I rubbed his back, but the tears continued.

What's wrong," I asked, as I continued to rub his back.

"Randy," he blurted out between sobs

"Randy hit you?" 

Published in Children/Parenting
Thursday, 24 March 2005 06:11

Charity Begins at Home

boy-with-tray"Mom, we've got to have a family meetingand vote. We need to send our charity money to the children right away." 

Those excited words were uttered by eight-year-old Madison Willow, who was moved to action by viewing the tragic outcomes resulting from the recent Asian tsunami. Madison, like millions of people from around the world, had been touched by the suffering, loss, and grief of the survivors she saw on TV.

Published in Children/Parenting
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