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      Horoscopes March/April 2015 Aries March - Truce, vision and universal support are in the works for you this month. There are some things you have just come to terms with. Because of this you are able to move on and deal with what is…

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Sunday, 13 December 2009 21:20

Our Kids as Guides to Inner Consciousness

A parent can gain all kinds of information from inner and outer sources regarding the multidimensional aspects of their children and yet when it boils right down to it, unless that information makes their daily interaction with that child more conscious, then maybe it wasn’t really that helpful.

Published in Children/Parenting

What does it mean to be present with a child or with anyone for that matter? On one level it starts with the ability to give our focus to who we are listening to. It is the ability to pay close attention to what is happening right in front of us. Listening, focus and attention are all key words when discussing being fully present, but there is something beyond those words.

Published in Children/Parenting
Wednesday, 11 November 2009 12:06

9 Tips on How to Help your Child take Medicine

Maybe your child needs to take a common aspirin. Or perhaps he has been diagnosed with depression/anxiety and been put on Zoloft by your doctor. He could be eight years old or sixteen. Regardless of age or type of medicine prescribed, what do you do if he refuses to take it? How do you get a strong-willed child to take his medicine when he is determined not to take it?

Published in Children/Parenting

If there's something close to a secret to help kids be more successful, perhaps it's this: Kids work hard when they want to work hard, and this happens when they are motivated to do so by some positive internal goal, and not by fear or because they are worried about disappointing others. They work hard because they value hard work. Instilling kids with values like this is the first step on the long road to real success. But that doesn't mean there's nothing you can do to make this happen. Here are five ways to put your kids on the path to extraordinary:

Published in Children/Parenting
Sunday, 11 October 2009 12:47

Why some Children Fail

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs and Why Some Children Fail

Dr. Abraham Maslow synthesized a large body of research resulting in his master creation, the Hierarchy of Needs. This hierarchy, beautiful in its simplicity, describes the stages of human development through which each of us passes on the way to becoming fully functioning, responsible adults ultimately moving toward the pinnacle of achievement attained by humans.

Published in Children/Parenting
Wednesday, 24 June 2009 20:18

Autism & Allergies

Can eliminating certain foods from the diet improve autistic symptoms such as social withdrawal, repetitive behavior, communication difficulties, anxiety and hyperactivity

Exerpted with permission from Children of the New Earth - Summer 2003. To subscribe, visit their site at: www.childrenofthenewearth.com or call (858) 268-9929.

Published in Children/Parenting

Children who make statements like these are usually encountering behavior styles that are different from theirs, and hence puzzling to them. Much joy is blocked when children don’t understand why people behave as they do.

Published in Children/Parenting
Saturday, 07 March 2009 13:33

Paradise Interrupted

cancunHow I turned my mind from disgust to appreciation and my paradise interrupted into paradise reclaimed. 

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Cancun, Mexico. Mile after mile of fine white sand, stretching as far as I can see in two directions. Some of it is lodged firmly between my toes as I look out at the indescribable turquoise water of the Gulf of Mexico.

Published in Children/Parenting

...just knowing there is a neurological reason for repetitive questions can make it easier to handle as a parent...Oh the joys of parenthood! The struggle to perfect a morning routine so every family member arrives to their destination, fed, clothed, and prepared for their day, can be exhausting. Morning chaos is especially challenging for children with sensory processing difficulties. With the clock ticking, you hear, "Mom, are these my shoes?" Exasperated you think, "Of course they are your shoes! You wear them every day! How could you not know these are your shoes?

Published in Children/Parenting
Monday, 01 January 2007 09:22

The Drama within the Drama

kids...when one of my students makes a mistake, I rejoice. It gives me an exciting opportunity to help all my students learn to become more effective human beings.The annual Board of Education dinner was running smoothly. The meal was hot, tasty, and filling. Entertainment, provided by the high school's drama club, consisted of a short play acted by several juniors and seniors. It was intended to be light and lively, leaving the audience entertained and amused. It didn't work out that way.

Published in Children/Parenting
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