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  • March and April Horoscopes 2015
      Horoscopes March/April 2015 Aries March - Truce, vision and universal support are in the works for you this month. There are some things you have just come to terms with. Because of this you are able to move on and deal with what is…

Tarot - Monthly

  • Your Tarot Guide for March-April 2015
    March-April Tarot Forecast and Learning Moment Learn to Read Tarot - 2-Day Intensive Training Be  a Tarot Master - Home Study, Distance Learning Course NEW: I have include the Angels associated with the Major Arcana cards. 20% off the complete…

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anitasodalakeMary...Lady of light, Lady of mercy, Lady of protection and nurturing...

“Hail Mary Full of Grace, blessed is the fruit of thy womb—Jesus the Christ.”

Lady of the sea, Lady of the sky, Lady of the moon—Mother Mary, the Blessed Virgin.....

MOther-Mary-and-MoonFor nearly 2000 years, Mary has been worshipped and esteemed as the eternal Mother—pure, spotless, perfect, untouched by man.
Meditation on her elicits in many people, profound feelings of peace, gentleness, loving forgiveness, protection, nurturing. Visionaries report that when she manifests her presence, the fragrance of roses fills the air.     

For centuries, all over the world, visionaries have seen Mary—in France, Russia, Egypt, South America, the U.S., and, of course, Italy, to name a few. When we think of Lourdes, Fatima, or Medjugorje, Mary comes to mind.

Elizabeth-Summers2Number Three…Don’t worry be happy!

The mantra for March… “Don’t worry be happy”… is the energy of the Number Three. Even Mother Earth knows this is a time to spring into action and get her life going forward again!

The fun and expansive energy of the Number Three lifts us all to a level of bringing on the new...that’s why we call it a “spring” season.

In Tarot cards, the Number Three is the Empress card and that girl loves to shop! Beyond this exuberance, March and the Number Three encourages a time for growth and the establishment of concrete plans for the future.

Resolve old problems and difficulties, forget them and develop your talents. Be sure to birth those new ideas and concepts knowing that Lady Luck will be smiling on you favorably because this is the energy of Number Three.


DesireeSzaboI am in a book club at the Center for Spirtual Living for the month of February we are studying the book “The Prospering Power of Love” by Catherine Ponder. The chapter on Special Methods of Love, resonated with me regarding the Angelic Realm.

At this particular time in my life, I have been very conscious regarding

how to clear disharmonious ideas from my own mind. I have found that if I do not make an effort, what will happen is that disharmonious experiences and relationships will occur in my own life.

If I truly believe in the power of love and adhere by truth in the right way by my own thinking, not steering away from my path, I have found that I attract people who are around me that uplift me, guide me, and find work for me.

glennyceeckerslyTwice yearly a booklet drops through my letter box, it contains a list of local tradesmen along with photographs associated with their businesses and numbers to call should we need their services. This is a very comprehensive list and you could find everything you may need from hairdressers to electricians.

One picture particularly caught my eye it was a very jolly looking plumber and he had written underneath his telephone number ‘no job too small’, I found that very comforting I could imagine some elderly person with perhaps arthritic hands unable to replace a washer on a tap or some other minor plumbing job, feeling too embarrassed to call a tradesman for such a minor problem. This jolly chap would give them the confidence to ring him and all would be well.

GuyFinleySomewhere in a remote region of the Southwestern United States, a park ranger was seated in his high tower. It overlooked the deep canyons and ravines that ran through the national park where he’d worked for the past twenty years. Looking out over the terrain through his binoculars, he could see a thunderstorm gathering in the west and knew it was only a matter of minutes until a flash flood would come crashing through the canyons  below.

Turning his extended gaze back to the east, something caught his eye. Less than a mile away he could see a young woman with a backpack just as she walked into one of the park’s more well-known ravines, called “No Way Out.” It was one of the most beautiful areas in the entire park because over the centuries innumerable flash floods had carved its sandstone walls into colored waves of red and yellow, as if the undulations of an ocean had been stopped in time.

Elizabeth-SummersEsoteric Numerologer Elizabeth Summers

The science of Numerology is as old as Astrology. Every major civilization has identified codes that guide choices in everyday living and life as a whole. Glyphs that humans call Numbers represent the mental, emotional, physical and intuitive aspects of a person’s life. A skilled Esoteric Numerologer can interpret all of an individual’s Numbers, allowing him to better understand his unique energetic signature.

The notion that only one number represents every aspect of energy in a human comes from the popular formula found on the Internet called the Life Path Number. By adding the month, day and year of birth together and arriving at a single digit, one could think this is who they are. Wrong. A person is actually a composite of number energies all arrived from the month, day, and year of birth and the birth certificate name.


Sailing More North Than North

Michael McLane


Sailing More North Than North

Michael McLane

A major turning point came when my friend Juliette introduced me to a unique and fascinating woman—Ilsa. Most of us never have a chance to have someone in their life who steers their life in mysterious and wonderful directions. I am blessed, indeed.

But I need to back up a bit. Long before I met Ilsa, I was fascinated with the concept of owning my own sailboat and exploring the freedom that it represented. I was about to buy a nineteen-foot sloop. Naturally, I talked with Juliette about it because she knew a bit about sailing.

She suggested that talk with her mother before I made such an expensive move and maybe we could work something out. Her mother owned a nice twenty-five-foot sloop but she was at an the age where it was difficult for her to sail it by herself. Later, I discovered that Juliette's mother, Ilsa was 85 years old, going on 18.

Right away, I was fascinated by this young octogenarian. She soon became a trusted teacher and I willingly became her student and captain of her sailboat on many trips to Catalina. She taught me all I know about the sea and sailboats.

Jennifer-KavanaughOur assumptions about the future come from an expectation that we know what will happen, or even that we can control it. But every now and then we are reminded of the unpredictability of the universe. We have only to look at careful lives devastated by earthquake or civil war; at well-managed careers changed for ever by cancer or a car accident. Plans and their expected outcomes can be dashed by the unexpected. Life gets in the way.

Death too. We don’t know how we will die – unless we are already sick and the end is nigh. We don’t know when – it might be in thirty years, it might be tomorrow, or a terminally ill patient might live years beyond their prognosis. And we don’t know what, if anything, will happen afterwards. That is, unless some personal experience has given us some indication. Some people say they remember their past lives; some accounts of near-death experiences seem to point to a kind of commonality. Part of living with not knowing is taking death in our stride as part of the world we do not know.

Denee JordanAdvice on your most important relationship from psychologist Dr. Denee Jordan

We’ve all heard it, “You have to love yourself before you love anyone else.”  Actually, this isn’t true.  In fact, most of us love other people much more easily than we love ourselves.  Frequently, we even love our pets more easily.  However, though we can love others without loving ourselves, the truth is our relationships are much healthier when we do. We can’t feel true contentment unless we learn to love, and even more importantly, respect ourselves.  When we do not respect ourselves, it manifests in all of our relationships.  It can manifest as irritability, hyper-sensitivity, or being overly critical of other people.  All of our interactions are distorted to a certain degree, but it is our own happiness that is impacted the most.  

Respect is considered a key element in any loving relationship, including self-love. Self-respect, however, is a learned skill that many people are never taught. We are taught that we should have self-respect, but not how to get it. Too frequently the belief is that we can earn self-respect by making enough money, pleasing others, getting promoted, losing weight and so forth.  In actuality, the opposite is true; self-respect is the precursor to success. So how do we learn to respect ourselves if we are not yet, in society’s terms, beautiful, fit, talented, or wealthy? 

DesireeSzaboOn Friday, January 16, I received a random email from Serenity Calling, a gallery for enlightened living in Agoura Hills, California. Tracey Boyer, a very gifted psychic, aura reader, tarot, tea leaf reader, crystal worker, and Reiki master was teaching a class on crystal energy. The topic was on Love and Romance. I had been asking my romance angels to give me a sign on how to help my clients with these issues, especially in the month of February. The desperate calls were coming in:

  • Is (name of the person) my soul mate?
  • How does this person really feel about me?
  • Where is the relationship headed?
  • Will his ex continue to stalk him and I?
  • When will he or she commit?
  • When will I meet my soulmate?
  • How will I meet my soulmate?

Charles-A-Francis-2Adapted from his book "Mindfulness Meditation Made Simple" 

In today's world, many people are coming to the realization that searching for happiness through achievements and material possessions simply adds to their rising stress, only bringing them more chaos and unhappiness.

As they are forced to re-evaluate the direction of their lives, they begin searching for an alternate road to happiness and inner peace. This is why millions of people are taking up the practice of mindfulness meditation.

Here are 10 steps you can put into practice immediately that will transform your life and relationships.

Write a goal statement to stay on track.

A-little-book-of-unkowing-CoverPublisher's Description

What if the facts on which we base our lives are shown to be unreliable? What if our expectations are confounded? What if we let go of those assumptions and expectations? What if we let go of our familiar, habitual ways of thinking? What if we let go of the very need to know? Unknowing is at the centre of spiritual life. It is only by creating a space in which anything can happen that we allow God to speak; only by stepping back that we allow space for that unpredictable Spirit that brings us gifts beyond any of our imaginings... "God dwells only where man steps back to give him room."

About the Author

Jennifer Kavanagh gave up her career as a literary agent to work in the community. She is a microcredit practitioner, facilitates conflict resolution workshops and is active in the Quaker community. She has published six books of non-fiction. In 2015 John Hunt will publish A Little Book of Unknowing, and her first novel The Emancipation of B.

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